Who We Are

How many of you remember back to 1997? EBay was in its infancy and was not on anyone’s radar yet, and Amazon was a tiny, obscure online book store just going public. Since I had assembled a modest collection of instruments over many years, and since no one was offering string instruments online, I felt there was a need to be filled. In the summer of 1997 Stringnet was born.

The World Wide Web was a lot smaller and simpler back then, yet uploading a website felt something like exploring a new planet. Many more string instrument shops have gone online since ’97…most having grown far bigger than Stringnet in those nearly 20 years. That’s fine, since we want to keep it in the family so we can continue to provide personalized service to all.

We hope we can find the perfect instrument, bow or case for you. Please write or call us at the number on the left if we can be of service.

–Robert11-24 Rob in Shop