In the summer of 2014 we had the pleasure to re-visit Maestro Tadioli at his home-workshop in Cortetano, ITALY, a few minute car ride outside Cremona. Maurizio was just completing a beautiful copy of the Lord Wilton Guarneri del Gesu for a customer in Asia and beaming proudly over his new creation just before final assembly. The Lord Wilton was Yehudi Menuhin’s prized violin until his death.

Maurizio Tadioli was born in Cremona on September 16, 1967. He began studying the art of violin making as a child guided by his grandfather Carlo Pizzamiglio, a self taught luthier. He attended the Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria in Cremona obtaining his diploma in 1985 and has won multiple prizes in instrument making competitions.

Tadioli masterfully selects woods for tonal and visual beauty. He has a singular gift for replicating the subtle patina of age in his oil varnish. His workmanship is meticulously clean and artistic. He makes instruments in the most popular models, Strad, Guarneri, and Amati.

Violins commissioned from Maestro Tadioli will not only give you a lifetime of beautiful sound, but will increase in value as such an investment in great art is expected to do.

The tone of Tadioli’s instruments is warm yet bold, focused and possessing incredible clarity and maturity. The violin responds instantly with a voice of authority. Certificate with detailed description and color photos furnished by maker.

We are taking orders on a new Tadioli violin built to your specifications.

Own a true work of art from one who is in our judgment among the top makers in the world today. The instruments made by this young master have taken their place among the great examples of the Cremonese violin making art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Violins of various models available by special order from Maestro Tadioli. Pictured below is Maestro Tadioli’s 2002 copy of “Il Cremonese,” the Stradivari built in 1715 and on display in the Cremona Museum of String Instruments. This instrument was recently sold by Stringnet to a violinist in New York. It is posted as an example of his work and not available for sale.

Maestro Tadioli’s instruments are commissioned by special order.

valued at $14,000