ALTIMIRA-BRETON labeled Copy of Peter Guarnerius 1925

Beautiful, warm tone; concert quality cello

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Early 20th Century Cello by ‘Altimira’ Barcelona

An outstanding cello suitable for very advanced student or professional. Labeled Peter Guarnerius of Venice, son of Joseph of Cremona, copy 1925, this is a quality instrument following a personalized Stradivari model. Beautiful, silvery, focused tone of character and complex color. Truly a soloist’s instrument.

Altimira was among expatriate French makers of the Barcelona School under the discipline of Etienne Marie-Breton. Probably his individual work. It is in excellent playing condition. Of note, repairs include a small chip replaced on the scroll volute, typical sound hole wing splits, and several cracks in the area of nut that have been securely repaired.

The top is made of fine, medium grain straight spruce. The back, of two pieces of evenly flamed maple matched by the ribs. The superbly carved artistic scroll and neck of similar flamed maple. It is covered in a transparent rose-orange varnish. The cello exhibits grace in form, characteristic of the French Breton School. A marvelous cello with resonant spruce and maple flat arching highlighted by graceful fluting of the F holes. An outstanding neck graft with new fingerboard has just been completed. The label contains the letters L+B /G within a shield border, the logo of Lorenzo Bellafontana, Genoa.

This is a concert quality instrument. The A string is creamy, rich; the lower strings are deep, resonant and capable of beautiful nuances and tonal shadings.

Certificate by John Rossi, New York included with sale


valued at $11,500.00