JohnsonImported by Johnson Strings of MA, this beautiful Strad pattern violin is among the most attractive in our collection. Inspired by the 20th century Cremonese school and showing telltale hints that its maker is quite familiar with it and possibly studied violin making there.

This instrument demonstrates a mastery of the art of violin making — cleanly cut f holes, graceful arching, beautiful edging, well-defined scroll and attention to detail that set it apart from many Asian copies of Italian instruments.

Beautifully chosen maple and spruce with the pronounced flame on the bookended two-piece back rising slightly towards the flanks. Ribs and scroll to match. A soft, radiant, skillfully applied reddish-brown varnish polished to perfection. This violin being over a decade old has afforded it time to mature tonally, yet it’s in pristine condition.

valued at $1950